Friday, July 25, 2008

Mikey language

Mikey communicates. Just perhaps not in the way we would like for him to communicate. But that's okay. He's just Mikey and we think he's the cutest thing. Here are some pictures I took today while he was eating along with some captions so you know what he's "saying." It's his version of American Sign. He doesn't do them all "correctly" but we know what he means and he's trying. He also says please, mommy, all done, and up but I didn't get pictures of those. It's really funny because sometimes when he really wants something bad he just starts doing some frantic signs of all these different things together. I guess you just have to see it to understand. BACH is coming out to evaluate him on the 29th. I don't know if they have therapy for strong willed.

blowing a kiss -


"I want that....figure it out quick before I have a major freak out." Usually accompanied by the sharp, quick sound "Bahh!"

first part of "Thank you."

second part of "Thank you."

"I'm getting really annoyed with you. Leave me alone or else. You've been warned."


"Eat" or "drink"

This is not just a blink. This is the very deliberate face he makes when we ask him where his eyes are. Or if he is trying to ignore us because we're getting on his nerves. He'll hold this face for several seconds. It cracks us up.



Andrea said...

This is great! So good that you've captured this. Too cute!!!

jhintze said...

This kid is freakishly cute.

Jenny Hintze said...

I didn't write that. There's another jhintze out there.

And my kid is not freakishly cute, he's ridiculously cute. Big difference.

Who are you, anyway? Show yourself.

Josh said...

As a freakishly [adjective] person, I'm qualified to judge when someone is freakishly [adjective].

Sorry to take the intrique out of the jhintze #2 controversy before it had a chance to build some steam. I guess I should have had some fun with it.

Jenny Hintze said...

I should have known it was you. I forgot that I called you freakishly huge.